Independent Study

All graduate independent studies are registered as 690 courses (and completed in the department of the faculty sponsor). If you take an undergraduate course for graduate credit (see below) you will also complete it as an independent study. You register for a 690 by completing a Proposal for Independent Study and by taking the following steps:

  1. Identify and contact a faculty sponsor. Determine the goals and format for your independent study. Your faculty sponsor should complete items 1-4 and sign the form. Be sure the form states clearly and specifically the exact nature of the independent study, criteria for grading, and assignments on which the grading will be based.
  2. Get your program director or department chair’s signature and your adviser’s signature.
  3. Bring the completed, signed proposal to the GRO for the Associate Dean’s review and signature. The GRO will send it to the Registrar’s Office and they will add the course to your schedule. No additional online registration steps are necessary.

You may register for an Independent Study throughout the semester, up until two weeks before the last day of classes.

Special note regarding undergraduate level courses:

Graduate students cannot receive credit toward their degrees for undergraduate courses (courses numbered below 500). In some cases, however, a faculty member may allow you to attend an undergraduate course and supplement it with additional work, such as a special project, paper, or class presentation. If you work out such an agreement with a professor, you must register for an Independent Study in the same department in which the class is offered and follow the above instructions for doing so. You also must petition if this course is to fulfill a requirement in your program of study.