Writing Intensive


HST 101  American History to 1865 (+)*Social Sciences
HST 102 American History Since 1865 (+)*Social Sciences
HST 111 Early Modern Europe, 1350-1815 (+)*Global Experience, Humanities
HST 112 Modern Europe: Napoleon to the Present (+)*Global Experience, Humanities
HST 121 Global History to 1750 (+)*Social Sciences
HST 122 Global History 1750 to Present (+)*Social Sciences
HST 201 Research Seminar in History (+)*Social Sciences
HST/MES 208 Middle East Since the Rise of Islam (+)*Global Experience, Social Sciences
HST 210 The Ancient World  (+)*Global Experience, Humanities
HST 347/HNR 360 Modern American Politics through Fiction (Honors)
HST/QSX 348 Queering the Middle Ages?
HST 391 Mary Magdalene: History of a Legend
HST 398 Saints and Sinners in the Middle Ages
HST 399 Utopia and Institution: Early Monasticism


College of Sport and Human Dynamics

SWK/WGS 328  Human Diversity in Social Contexts